Should Your E-mail Have Emojis?

Do you smile if you see an emoji in an electronic mail? Using emojis, icons and symbols has become a scorching subject in electronic mail marketing. Some manufacturers are all for emojis, while others see them as unprofessional.

We needed to know what you think. Juvlon asked its customers whether or not or not emojis should be in emails. The outcomes show 82.35 p.c of shoppers say yes, and 17.sixty five % say no.

It seems Juvlon customers are on to something. There’s knowledge that shows fifty six percent of manufacturers that use emojis and symbols in an email’s subject line have a higher distinctive open rate.

While that’s a formidable statistic, it doesn’t mean emojis are right for everyone. To help you resolve whether or not or not to use emojis in your emails, we’ve created this handy guide to give you all the data you’ll want to make the suitable choices in your business.

Advantages of emojis

There are some convincing arguments to use emojis. Take a look:

Emojis standout

In crowded inboxes, emojis standout. They’re eye-catching. Who doesn’t want to entice consideration to their e mail?

They convey emotion

Emojis convey emotion that’s tough to sum up in words.

Emojis don’t take up quite a lot of area

A good topic line is round 50 characters. An emoji conveys a message in just one character.

Emojis are a hit

Right now, emojis are the “in thing.” Adding them to your topic line shows your model is embracing guess the emoji game times.

Disadvantages of emojis

Right here’s a look at a number of the disadvantages of emojis:

They’ll look unprofessional

In some cases, emojis don’t match with the intense nature of a brand and can look unprofessional.

Render issues

Some emojis don’t render correctly. In different words, moderately than seeing a heart, your customers might see a big black box or a query mark.

Emojis might be overused

If a brand uses emojis in each email, it will possibly take away its effectiveness. If clients see them on a regular basis of their inbox, they’ll ignore them.

Learn how to tell if emojis are proper for your model

Right here’s a listing of inquiries to ask your self before utilizing emojis:

Does your model have a straight-laced, skilled tone?

Do you cater to high caliber clients?

Is your goal demographic older?

Would your shoppers be bothered or turned off by an emoji?

In case you answered yes to any of those questions, emojis might not be proper to your brand. If you answered no, it’s time to present emojis a try.

Any model that decides to use emojis should test them. Run break up tests to see how your viewers responds before adding emojis to your e-mail advertising strategy.