What Exactly is Reflexology?

Most individuals have heard the term reflexology however really haven’t got a transparent idea what it is. They think of it as some type of new age, various type of either healing or personal improvement practice. A obscure memory of their pediatrician hitting their knee with a software with a triangular piece of rubber on the end to check their reflexes comes to mind. If the decrease leg moved forward you had good reflexes.

Reflexology deals with reflexes. Reflexologists believe that there are reflex areas in the ft and fingers which correspond to all the glands, organs, and components of the body. They have a singular methodology of using their thumb and fingers on these reflexes to seek out areas of congestion and pressure after which work these out to help the body work more efficiently.

It’s hard to grasp how placing pressure on a sure area of the foot might have an affect on an organ or gland. It sounds sort of like acupuncture. The reason reflexology is alleged to work is because reflexes link every part of the body to a special space on the feet and hands. What connects the reflexes is the nervous system. For instance, there are about 7,500 nerve endings in the foot. When a reflex point is manipulated properly a reflex motion, just like the device hitting the knee, is produced by means of the nerve endings. Some of these nerve endings get damaged or unresponsive. The certified reflexologist Garet Manuel eases the tension on these nerves and blood vessels which permits blood to movement easier helping the body to work better.

In case you have ever had an excellent foot massage you understand how stress-free this can be. A foot massage emphasizes the muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Most people know that the circulatory system strikes blood by our systems however aren’t as conversant in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is an extensive interconnected system of vessels, areas, and nodes within the body which circulates lymph which is a fluid made from protein and other fluids.

Reflexology not only helps the muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body, it additionally affects the inside of the body, the entire organs and glands, everything inside the body.

Reflexologists use a reflexology chart which is a map of the foot showing the precise places of corresponding body parts as their nerves are represented within the foot. The chart shows which nerve to manipulate for each body part. It is fascinating that the left and proper foot mirror the left and right side of the body and the guts, lungs, chest and higher back are positioned in the ball of the foot.

New York reflexology has been a preferred holistic therapy since 1995. It reduces stress and stress in your body and promotes good well being and well being by restoring the natural balance in your body.