What to Look For in Automated Calling Provider

Providers of automated phone calls are not the same and this article will level out among the differences and qualities to look for when selecting someone to characterize your company name and reputation.

Here are some questions that you should ask:

1) What’s your connection velocity the internet backbone?

Reply: Bandwidth needs to be a minimum of 25 megabytes ideally fiber-optic connection. This is essential to insuring good call quality. It’s not worth saving a penny or a call in case your message appears like a tin can and string telephone.

2) How long will it take in your service to deliver our calls?

Answer: 5k-200k Calls a day is normal. Most firms can bust to about 14 million a day if customer to client connections aren’t required because most firm’s phone line will be saturated with incoming calls.

three) Can we get sued or fined using your automated phone calls like with automated faxes?

Reply: Yes and No. You may get fined by the FTC if your provider will not be compliant with the latest Dec 1st 2008 ruling. MAKE SURE THEY ARE COMPLIANT because you may be fined $5000 / unlawful call made. You cannot be sued by a private individual or firm like the case with automated faxes for typically $1800.00/ fax. This has been a means for lawyer to make simple money by sending a duplicate of the fax and a letter demanding money and may be very common.

four) Does your company have the option to switch calls when the call recipient hits a key to get more info and the way a lot does this cost.

Answer: This ought to be a free option and the call price for the time spent closing a sale or answering questions is commonly built into the cost of every call. So this function mustn’t value anything.

5) Is there a delay at the start of each call and does the messages get left in entirety on all voicemail methods?

Answer: This would seem like a easy process but you would be surprised that many call providers just guess on the size of the recipient’s greeting and start playing the message with some of it being minimize off or the machine hangs up because it doesn’t hear anyone. Massive suppliers have code that detects the BEEP and doesn’t delay in the beginning of the call.

Keep in mind the supplier you select ought to present more worth than just value because your firms name and ROI for calling campaign relies on it.